Thursday, April 25, 2013

Magnificent view just nearby- Bishan Park! This was taken on Sunday when I finally had time to jog with Dad. It's really quite a picturesque place- sort of my sanctuary where I head in times of extreme stress and melancholy. Sometimes we take things/places around us for granted. The park somehow reminds me to stop, take a deep breath and stay grounded.

My 'desk' at OSP! Pretty thrilled to see these books with some Jane Austen not pictured. Maybe I'll ask if I could borrow some home tomorrow. Gonna be moderating my very first focus group discussion! A little bit scared but more excited. Hope the interviewees will be chatty and nice people!

Finally met Joanne, my one and only telepathic partner, after almost two years and a few "we need to meet" failed discussions. Sort of an advanced birthday celebration for her, and mega belated one for me! Which brings me to.....

Happy birthday Joanne Tay!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe you are so old now and I still can't believe you will be thrown into the working world in 3 months. We've known each other for what, 6 years?! Clicked from Day 1 at the airport instantly by being the only English-fluent beings around until now. I love how we don't meet often but when we eventually do its like we've been meeting regularly. I guess that's true friendship. Somehow we can pause and unpause time, catching up with each other's life effortlessly. I know we're not as close as we used to be, being in completely different places in school, life and all but our telepathy is and will always be there!! You're one of the few people who really understand me and resonates with my beliefs. You have no idea how thankful and comforted I am whenever you agree with what I think and what I'm doing or want to do. We go such a long way back and have been through so much joy (E.g. pissing ah lians off with our wits, stealing his cigarettes causing him to whine like a baby in public) and tears (E.g. pissing the wrong people off and getting pissed off at them). If I had a choice I would go through every single adventure with you again and again. Those were real happy times :") <3

B.T.W. Photo above taken at Ambush, dish being Salmon fillet with penne in thai basil sauce. Pretty good and decently priced!!!! Please go again. You are really hungry now as you are typing. 

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