Friday, May 3, 2013

This photo has been my Mac wallpaper since I bought it in June 2011. David Beckham has been my ULTIMATE love since primary or secondary school and I just love this photo of them :") Also this is a rare photo of Posh before she became a robot so its an extra precious photo. 
But on Beckham's birthday (coincidentally) I finally replaced him. Okay replaced the photo.
Two years later.......

Hi Choi Min Ho! You made it to my wallpaper :D This signifies your ascension up to the throne of perfection. Who doesn't love a guy who can sing (kinda), rap, dance, act (erm kinda), who has such a perfect build and is so good at every single thing he does, from all kinds of sports to cooking?! 

Who else can pull off such an outfit?! 

Sigh. Such perfection :")


Paceyfu Cup tomorrow! Yipz so excited to see fellow PWITS :)

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