Saturday, November 19, 2011

Took a 2h break just now to bake Honey cornflakes, which turned out to be Honey-drenched Cornflakes, with a slightly charred second batch. I got too complacent with the success of the trial batch :(

I wish I could bake a million of these and give to everyone in the Library as encouragement for Finals. But I am a failure in life, and hence a failure in the kitchen. I can even get something as simple as Honey Cornflakes wrong... Wish I were a baking genius like Anne!!

Studied for the whole day in the library with Dewi but somehow I don't feel accomplished at all. Guess it wasn't as productive as it should be, considering its 3 days away from my first paper.

Not at all optimistic about my Sem 1 GPA :"(

When you dream big you fall hard. 

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