Thursday, August 11, 2011

Every time I think of how Dad said "He wanted to see you get into a University" and how proud my Grandfather would have been the day I got my results, I can't help but tear.

Wish I could eat the economic beehoon he used to buy every morning, the Mango Jelly he used to buy as a reward, the funky Chicken + Pineapple dish he created........

Wish I was a better grand-daughter.

Wish he was still here.

Somehow every time I think of my grandfather I feel this odd pang of guilt that I didn't stay true to my passion and tried for Medicine. Why on earth am I doing Acct when Im hopeless at Math and I hate numbers? Ugh, one of the many times I disgust myself.

Ahh, screw this late night reminisce that is making me all lachrymose.

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