Thursday, April 7, 2011

This is my favourite boy in the School.

His class is from around 10 - 12pm which are officially the happiest two hours of my day. He's really a cutie pie and he has the sweeeeeeeeetest smile :)

Working at the School and interacting with the same few kids everyday makes me feel a little like their mothers. I'm beginning to chart their progress, feeling protective of them and my heart aches when any of them cries.

You know how a mother feels when her newborn first utters a sound, hardly a word but enough to make her day? Thats how I felt today when Sari said "Ask mummy cut" when I brushed his hair aside because that was what I told him yesterday. Thats how I felt yesterday when Andrew, one of the builders captured by the wonders of the kaleidoscope and said "wow, its amazing!" Thats how I felt today when Alex, also one of the builders muttered less of sentences he picked up from cartoons and movies (Once I caught him quoting Toy Story) and began to register his surroundings.

You will never truly know how it feels until you've well, felt it. The feeling is wonderful and it makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. All I want to do now is to settle down and look after my own kids. (Who will hopefully be almost as cute as Sari) The school feels like a little bubble that protects everyone from the wrath of the reality. No stress of uni acceptance, no discrimination, no evils no nothing.

I could just stay in there till I retire :") It really made me consider dropping the idea of Acct/Biz which, admit it, is all for practicality and taking a degree in Child Care which is something I would enjoy during the studying and work..... The first week being there already made me reconsider trying for Med.

Sighhhhhhhhh decisions of life...

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