Friday, April 8, 2011

I cannot describe how much I love the kids at Little Hands!!!!!!! I am almost converting this into a Kids Diary but well thats what my day is about!

Anyway I have officially decided not to try for Medicine. Shouldn't be wasting everyone's time and effort if I know I will eventually not take it. Slightly disappointed that I haven't gotten my NTU letter even though I'm most probably not heading there... Mummy is right, it is just an ego thing.

Next week's gna be gOoOOOooOod~ Shall go to places we've always wanted to but no time/lazy. Shall take lotsa lotsa photos and use my second roll!!! Really hope everything will be smoooooooth next week because I absolutely hate things not going my way. I'm pretty bratty actually, hehe.

A little bit sad that I might not have time to go to the School next week. Nah will probably go for the Shooting Stars class at least once! I need to collect paycheque anyway.

I had such a wonderful day!!!! Everyone was so obedient and adorable as usual, even the builders were pretty good!!! The School makes me so happy everyday even though the 8 hours there drain me out. Last night I slept at 11pm and I was still sleepy this morning. Told Mummy that its good for insomniacs and she should go there for a day to get a good night's sleep.

"What a wonderful day for making music~~" (Song from Movement class for Builders has been stuck in my head the whole day)

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