Saturday, April 16, 2011

Had an awesome steamboat dinner with the VJ people at Chong Pang BBQ. The place is pretty inaccessible by public transport because even by car we had to drive a long way in. Reviews about the place before the dinner were mixed, but I thought it was pretty decent. I mean, how bad can steamboat get? For the price I would say its really not bad.

Island Creamery after dinner was awesome too, the Cookies & Cream was reeeeeally good! I would call it a tough fight with Marble Slab and Salted Caramel. Speaking of which, I'm gna go back to Marble Slab to work for the next two weeks. Vanilla ice-cream here I comeeee :)

Maybe its time to reassess the situation and for the first time, let my mind rule over my heart.


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