Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yesterday was a really good day. We had B&Js and watched Morning Glory which was surprisingly good. After dinner at home, we went over to Rach's for a catch-up session which was supposed to be Aug's belated birthday celebration. The boys went on and on about army stories flooded with tons of army terms girls won't ever get. I don't even think theres any topic girls could go on and on everytime we meet like the boys with NS.

Ended up watching White Chicks for the 93852340th time, but it was still hilarious. One of the classic movies you'll never get bored of! Other such movies that I could watch ten times and still love include P.S I love you, Scary Movie(s) and of course, Titanic. Those are truly the works of geniuses!!!

Haven't spent so much time together for a really long time so I was really happy :)

Tomorrow's Monday and School is ONNNN so I'm gna see my babies, yayee!! What Monday blues? :) + Diet Month starts tomorrow~~~

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