Sunday, May 19, 2013

In some ways you are probably the only one who understands me the most and knows what I'm really like. Likewise, I always thought I knew you inside out. I could reason the purpose behind your actions and thoughts. After all, we were each other's closest, each other's confidante for so long.

But after finding out what you have been doing, saying, portraying, I'm not sure I ever knew you.

To not know the person you had devoted a good part of your teenage years to is probably one of the scariest feelings. It didn't have to become like this, or even end this way. I'm really sad you chose to do what you did/have done, and obviously pretty devastated that the silent understanding I thought we had has never existed. I mean, if anything, I always took comfort in the fact that we would protect each other and that you would never do such things to me. It was one of your qualities that I loved and used to defend you in front of my other friends.

I had been hanging on to a deceit. Wish I hadn't found out. So much rather believe in that better you than this.

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