Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ew the Blogger iPhone app sucks as proven from the previous two posts. Really love the quote though. Was recently enlightened that no two beings can be truly happy at a point of time. When one is indulging in a rush of blissfulness, someone somewhere else in the world is curling up in the corner wishing himself dead. It's like a balancing mechanism to keep the emotions of the world neutral so it doesn't implode. I just wish I could stay in the happy half for a longer period of time.

Loving this long weekend! Especially like how I can sleep in thrice in a row :"D We need more of these long weekends to recharge! You won't know how tiring work is until you've experienced it. Gonna make good use of the last free day tomorrow to rest up before the super busy work week. I foresee an entire week of late nights, sigh. Just hope that it'll be a fun and not so tedious project.

Pretty much did nothing today but nua at home. What a good feeling- finally had a taste of what summer holidays should be like. Although I must admit a small part of me misses work. Yes I must be crazy.

Rewatching SOFD and wishing that I could leave Singapore now.

Archiving this painfully accurate Thought Catalog although it was a little comforting after I realize that I'm not the only one who feels this way. Think I could identify with every single paragraph. Every now and then I will get this overwhelming feeling to leave this place and start afresh elsewhere. A place that is beautiful and accepting. A place where I won't stumble upon a random piece of memory. A place where I can breathe.

Okay I'm not in that much of a pain. Just being whiny. And a bit hungry. Please let me wake up to a sumptuous plate of Eggs Benedict somehow. Yums.

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