Thursday, April 18, 2013

The madness of Year 2 Semester 2 Finals is FINALLY (almost) OVER. Just one more  20% finals on Marketing left on Saturday, and I'll be officially welcoming summer with big wide opened arms.

Yesterday was an insane 10 over hours of rushing and revising Corp because I procrastinated again. I keep doing this to myself and it needs to stop because evidently it is NOT effective. I was so tired, coupled with the difficulty of the paper today, that I almost dozed off at the 2h mark of the three-hours torture that is Corporate Reporting.

Amidst the stress and immortal-mode-focus (Ate both lunch and dinner in the SR while doing work), I received great news:

I won a $40 voucher from TheScarletRoom's FB like and share giveaway! Hooray! I'm not usually this lucky, but this month alone I won a $10 Starbucks card from ASoc's giveaway and now this! God is fair. When He gives you a shitty semester, he gives you giftcards in return. Although I can't say its a favourable trade-off.....
Anyway prior to this, I'd eyed this uber nice asymmetric skirt from TSR and grabbed it as soon as it went live. 

Oops for the weird box there, I had to screen shot this because the site won't let me save the photo. What I really wanted was the white version of this. I wanted it so bad I set an alarm for the launch so that I can snatch it before it goes OOS. But after its launch the practicality got better of me and after a slight persuasion from the Sisterie, I thought the black one would be more wearable. (And also because I'm a klutz so I'd dirty the white one DURING the first wear.) I managed to snag this baby, but minutes after I paid I REGRETTED. While revising for FIIM I couldn't stop thinking about the white skirt. 

WHO KNOWS I'D BE SO LUCKY TO WIN THE VOUCHER. So courtesy of TSR, I did something uncharacteristically crazy, and bought the white one as well! Along with a dress that could double up as a work attire (At OSP, at least) which I actly wanted in white, again, but went OOS minutes after the launch.

Yippee! Now I'm a happy girl. I shall attempt to read some Marketing~~

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