Friday, March 8, 2013

One of the best Thought Catalogs I've read. I think I died a little reading it.

Of course it's easy to write an article preaching this. Forgetting somebody sounds like an easy task.

"Just let it go."

But when you're actually trying to do it, you feel every single cell of your body dying as they clinging on to whatever that's left. After awhile you give up because of the intolerable pain. As a reward you'll allow yourself in indulge in a few memories. Think of the what-ifs. Remember the feeling of being loved. But that's when the pain bounces back and transform into a million tiny needles poking at your heart. The pain is almost physical.

"Don't think about it."

But those memories, they are planted everywhere. Even places you would never have thought/known. Those memories had insidiously leeched themselves onto other people, objects and places. It's not your choice to be reminded. Those memories are glaring, you involuntarily notice them and a certain feeling you'd successfully pushed to the back of your head will come crawling back into your mind.

I guess that's part and parcel of life, though. Nothing is static. People transit through lives so often and so naturally they don't usually realise. Think back and scroll through your contact list or FB friends list and you'll discover a friend you used to be really close to, but now completely clueless about what she's doing. That's the way of life. People come, people go. That's why I'm learning not to invest so much in a friendship. A very crude analogy would be the 'rule' that you shouldn't name the animal you'll be killing later. Why risk the impending heartache?

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