Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Special dates like today's used to matter to me. I thought they were magical. Doesn't come by often.

Today's 12/12/12. Past me would'd been ecstatic; planning special things to do to commemorate such a rare day, camping for 12.12am so I could tweet "Happy 12/12/12, 12.12"..

I guess over the year, a very tough year may I say, I've learned to stop believing.

Last night I finished reading Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, and just now finished watching the movie. Both the book and movie were fantastic. I thought the movie did justice to the book. In fact I thought the movie was more impactful because the book was so convoluted with things that didn't quite attach to the crux.

After watching the movie I went to my parents' room to share with them the beautifully haunting movie. My mum asked me what's the moral of the story, and I thought,

"To never chase. Because no matter how hard you run after something, it will either slip away beyond your reach, or you'll end up finding the chase to be completely pointless."

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