Sunday, October 7, 2012

I whine alot. I complain alot. I cry alot.

I think almost half of my life is spent hating on my life itself; How unfair life is treating me, how horrible my circumstances are, how dreadful my future is. Especially this whole year, from the time when I first knew of the diagnosis. Everyday I ask myself why. Sure its not fatal, its not the end of my life nor the end of the world but it sure as hell is devastating enough for a normal teenage girl.

For an average 20 year old girl, I dare say that I've been through a heck lot these few years.

But among these complaints and resentment I seriously think that God has given me the best friends anyone can ever get.

I am so thankful for Nat and Suwenn. Without the two of them, I don't know how I would have survived JC and all the emotional turmoils throughout these four years. They keep me sane, remind me to think with my brain and not my heart, and crack the most inappropriate jokes just to keep me afloat.

They are the most awesome and selfless girls I've ever met. I really hope I've been as good a friend to them as they have been to me.

They deserve nothing but the best and I would trade anything to have that happen.

This is to four years and counting of studying, bitching, partying, chilling, hobo-ing, stoning, eating and shopping.


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