Friday, June 24, 2011

I saw the phone bill on the table, and spontaneously decide to be a good girl and pay my own bills this time round. (Mum pays for my phone bills cause I pay for all other expenses)

So the day I decided to be filial and a little bit more financially independent, Singtel tells me my Total Current Charges is 78.56.

My plan alone costs $50. Exceeded by $28 cause of all the outgoing calls that I've been making, especially to a certain someone in HTA every night. :(

From now on Imma be jew and miss call everyone to call me back. Oh wait but my phone has this problem that results in people not being able to call me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess its time for ANOTHER one for one exchange. Its not as worth it cause I spend $7 every time to change my screen protector. BUMMER TTM.

Anyway phone fixing today pissed me off so much cause that stupid china man cocked up and DENIED ALL BLAMES. He claimed that these things happen when you modify the phone. Yeah right it was perfectly fine the last time round. GGGGGRRRRRRRRRR!

I hope you can tell it was a horrible day for me :(

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