Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I just spent the last 15 min of so reading a complete stranger's tumblr. Her pre-SMU posts sound as excited as mine. And the ones when she has started school are freaking me out. I know how competitive it is going to be a year ago when I set my eyes on SMU. I just don't think I truly truly accepted the fact that its going to be endless mugging like the last month before A's.

Right now I am just majorly freaking out about my AW Exemption test because I have never been very good with GP, particularly AQ which is apparently what the Test is gna be. FML.

I am growing to be more scared about the future than excited. The eagerness to start school is diminishing and quickly replaced by anxiety. I'm gna dieeeeeeeeeeee. Plus it really sucks to have to start all the introduction and adaptation all over again. I would VERY much go back to VJ and take the A levels again. Sigh.

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