Sunday, May 29, 2011

I think I am at a pretty low point of my life. 19 years old is the worst age ever. We're all stuck in the awkward transition of a teenager and an adult. Not young enough to indulge, not old enough to venture. This vacation before uni is burning my brain and I do not like it. Which is why I'm eager to start school, as much as everyone warns me against saying that because I will regret it.

I have two months more to spare and I am completely unsure of what to do. I'm semi unemployed, broke, fat and ugly. Life sounds really bad.

But I take a step back and look at life at another perspective: I have a loving family (Even though my mother is a lil nuts recently..), someone who pledges a forever, and a handful of awesome friends I know I can fall back on (Except for Joanna. She prolly will be crushed if I do fall on her literally.), I got into the school and course I've always wanted (Even though at this point of time I'm not sure if it is really the career I want to pursue.) and even a scholarship (Despite it being the one with the least benefit, at least my tuition is paid for.). Life seems a tad better.

I really feel like spending these two months slacking at home, reading up on Child Psychology and going out to explore a few places to try and take decent photos.

Dear Sky, please rain money. Sincerely, me.

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  1. HAHAHAHA JUST SAW THIS :D luv u don't lose hope <3