Saturday, May 21, 2011

I got a Macbook Pro~~~~~~!!!!!! I've been using my sister's laptop because my pink Aspireone died. Today I concluded that its because of Funshion. Everyone loves Funshion for the convenience but it is flooded with viruses. I'm not kidding, just go google Funshion!

I haven't been ill for awhile (Since the awful bout of stomach flu..) and virus just had to catch me today. I had sooooo many plans for tonight and I had to cancel all because my head is heavy and spinning and I cannot walk properly. Wanted to just go to sleep at 8pm, but after lying on the bed for an hour, still awake, I gave up and switched on my new gadget.

Being sick really sucks but I gotta say I am fortunate to be breathing. Received really devastating news today and my heart really goes out to her..

Today was supposed to be Judgement Day where the world is said to end at 6pm. I got really nervous at 5.58pm and started wondering how it will end. Favourite way: Flashforward style. We just all blackout. Least favourite way: The whole world crumbles and we all get swallowed up into the very soil that started the Earth.

Well it is 9.31pm and I am alive! Lets see what happens at 2o12...

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