Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yayee just come home from Enru's house and the night out w Jo and her compensated the shitty day!! We had BBQ Chicken dinner @ Thomson Plaza for dinner. I ordered the Korean Charboiled Chicken and this time the portion looks reduced. Maybe because we ordered the Student's meal? Some food places tend to reduce costs like that and I really don't appreciate it. If you're intending to reduce the portion just because I'm paying $4 less, state that it'll be smaller because I don't mind paying $4 more for a normal sized meal. Anywzzz it wasn't bad but I still think Jerk BBQ is the best!!!!! Sat through a rather torturing dinner of Enru and Jo going on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about their job. They're making me a tad jealous for withdrawing. Our after dinner snack was Orville Redenbacher Sweet n Buttery Popcorn~!!!! (I admit that I had to google the name. Who on Earth will remember that complicated mixture of letters?!) Not as good as the one Grace bought, could've been more buttery but it was still decent. Tried to watch No Strings Attached but it was a little boring so we left.

Going for class outing tomorrow!! Heh exciting. Okay I have nothing to do online and I do not want to shop online so maybe I'll go and sleep....

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