Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Things I really really really would love to buy if I had a million dollars:

1. Body chains
Say hi to the new accessories. I've always been looking for a perfect and not too expensive body chain but to no avail. Gna make one myself soon!

And.................. Oh does my heart yearn for this

Not sure if this is the right design but its something similar. Its pretty affordable too, for Tiff&CO. Just that the Chanel ear studs and the upcoming BKK trip have bled/bleeding me real dry. I'm so broke right now its not funny. I came home to have lunch today just to save money.

Plus I just called TigerAirways to postpone my departing flight to a day later, which costed me $90. All for the 60k LKC Scholarship. I need to snag that!!!!

I really need a job D:

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