Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Good Friday!

Few things I don't understand (but no offence intended) about this. So the day he sacrificed is called "Good" and its celebrated, but the day he resurrects isn't as widely rejoiced. Hmm....

We're going to BKK this weekend!!!!!! Sat for the three of them and Sunday for me cause of the LKC interview. Which will hopefully go extremely well for me, I really really really need it!! So fingers n toes croxxed. Can't wait to get out of the country even if it means going to another with air pollution and much higher crime rate. Not a bad trade offfor 3 days with good and cheap shopping!!!

So on Wed, LADIES NIGHT, instead of ButterFactory we went to Grace'sFactory. Time spent with the girls is also stupid brainless fun!! Camwhored with Photobooth, ending the night with almost 200 photos and a few videos.

Giving our best Xiaorishu faces.

.....And the rest are too explicit to show hahahaha. Too many photos! Gna upload all of them to FB now heh. I'm supposed to edit our "vlog" of Munching Angrily and Thai 101 but I'm feelin' very lazy. I feel like eating French Toast Ice-cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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