Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I realised that I am very patient with kids. I would explain something they don't understand to them a million times. The exact opposite with people >7 years old. (Yes <7>7 people are not cute.) I can be the most impatient person around. A pet peeve of mine is to be asked to "repeat myself". Hey, I said what I wanted and what I had to. If you missed it I think its just too bad, why should I be troubled to waste a few seconds of my life repeating myself?!

I used to hate talking to people on the phone because of that. Somehow through all that transmission parts of my words get eaten up by technology and I'll be asked to repeat myself. I refused to talk to people on the phone I would rather convey my messages in Text, which is clear and definite.

So it really puzzles me how I can have such patience when it comes to kids.

I'm weird.

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